Love of Wisdom

The word philosophy is made by combining the two Latin words philo and sophos together. Separately these two words have their own meaning. Philo in Latin means love, and Sophos in Latin means wise. When these two words come to make the word philosophy we have “Love of wisdom,” and when we get down to it that is what philosophy is.

Something that we can think of when philosophy comes to mind is the question, what does it mean to be wise or have wisdom? Where does wisdom come from and how do we become wise? Yes, I know there are many answers to this; however, let’s keep in mind that both of those require constant exploration of all things known and unknown to us, questioning what we know and don’t know, and a condition of one’s self being in state of correction or change.

Notes thus far: “The wise man loves to be corrected”

  • Despotic = Tyranny
  • Justice without away of redemption is revenge.


  • Begins as the discovery of reason
  • Then comes the contact with Christian revelation
  • Early modern period – Rationalism
  • Post modernism – Crisis of reason
    • Crisis of the West
      • Read C.S. Lewis Abolition of Man
    • Does God exist?
    • Is there objective moral truth?
    • How do we know whether or not truth exists?
  • Metaphysics: The study of the first principles of reality
  • Ontology: The study of the nature of things
  • Epistemology: The study of how we know


  • Reason
  • Appetite – What we want/desire
    • desire or our motives
      • obscene desire or genuine of studious or appreciative desire

What is beauty?

  • form + intellect
  • what transcends between what we classify as beauty. so, what is beauty?
    • intellect + form

Socrates taught Plato. Socrates was sentenced to death in 399 B.C. (Before Christ for those that care…..)